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Carbonyte is dedicated to providing to the market, coatings that are single package which do not need any additional products to meet its intended use.

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Looking for an Asphalt Sealer which is not only good on the environment and those applying it, but also has the Fuel Resistant and other High Value Properties you want in a Sealer! Look Here and you will find what you're looking for!

Type-S Single Package Slurry

Eco Friendly SealerType-S Slurry is best suited for business, residential, intermediate roadways and large acreage parking lots. Adhering to the ‘right treatment, on right pavement, at right time’ preservation philosophy, theType-S Slurry works best in settings where pavement is less than 10 years old with an index above 65. The surface treatment works well with pre-patching/ cracksealing to restore surface appearance, ride quality while protecting pavement asset from further oxidative hardening. Also, Type-S Slurry has excellent synergy when applied as a cape seal over chip applications – provides road calming and stone locking. Type-S Slurry has excellent resistance to marking/tracking, leaves concrete driveways clean and no aggregate raveling to maintain neat appearance.

  • TYPE “S”: Roman numeral for 1/2. When a type I is too loose & big and a seal coat is not enough.
  • STRONG: High temperature, tire scuff resistant to power steering abuse.
  • FAST CURE: May cure in less than twenty (30) minutes, in optimal conditions, to a track free surface.
  • VERSATILE/CUSTOMIZABLE: Chemical resistance, rate of cure, final surface hardness and skid characteristics can be modified to meet local specifications.
  • GREEN & ECO-SAFE w/NO PAHs & Near ZERO VOC: Odorless and cured container residue safe for municipal landfill
  • FRIENDLY: Safe to handle and store.
  • WATER Soluble: Easy clean up with water.

Type-S Slurry - is a permanent, cost effective, substantially more durable pavement preservation alternative for parking lots and driving lanes. Replaces conventional top coats for all pavement surfaces from freeways to airports.
Available – 55 gal drums & 250 gal totes.

Type-S Slurry Information Downloads

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