Carbonyte Systems offers:

Single Package Products


Carbonyte is dedicated to providing to the market, coatings that are single package which do not need any additional products to meet its intended use.

Airport Sealers FAA Fuel Resistant

Eco-Friendly Airport Sealers

Looking for an Asphalt Sealer which is not only good on the environment and those applying it, but also has the Fuel Resistant and other High Value Properties you want in a Sealer! Look Here and you will find what you're looking for!

Mission Statement of Carbonyte Systems

Watch how Carbonyte's Fuel PROOF Sealer stands up Kerosene, the main component of Jet Fuel!  (The "Wet Track Abasion Test" in kerosene follows the CarbonSeal-FR Demonstrations at 1:31) Carbonyte's Fuel Proof blend surpasses the ASTM D 2939 fuel resistant standard & has superior fuel resistance over coal tar surface treatments.

The Carbonyte Sealer product line is a plural component, single package, reactive, high molecular weight polymer modified seal coat. The core adhesive consists of a thermotropic - grafted terpolymer of SEBS, bio-resin and esterified EVA. Carbonyte Sealer is designed to penetrate deep into pavement substrates where it permanently weather seals airport, street and highway apron surfaces. Product may be applied as a mineral filled sealer through spray, broom, or squeegee apparatus; also, may be applied as an un-filled coating through high volume equipment (distributor truck). Within as little as a few minutes* after installation a tough but ductile, black satin surface permanently protects the underlying asphalt surface from tire wear, sun degradation and moisture. The high molecular weight and high softening point of this material prevent tracking or displacements by rolling traffic in the heat of the day. Carbonyte Sealer is filled with an engineered hydrocarbon additive, which is provided as an emulsified, high molecular weight thermoplastic. It exhibits a high softening point (>160ºF), good low temperature ductility and excellent hydrolytic stability; as well as superior adhesion to moist mineral surfaces. (Also known as CarbonPlex-H25)


  • Carbonyte's Fuel Proof version surpasses the ASTM D 2939 with strong and proven Fuel PROOF capabilities.

  • Coal Tar Alternative for Fuel Resistant Surface Treatment - Alternative to P-631
  • Carbonyte's Fuel Proof version is Fuel-proof to 1K kerosene found in jet fuel which can be seen in the Modified Wet Track Abrasion Test above.

  • Unique reactive chemicals attack natural metal oxides present in the exposed aggregate surface.

  • Chemical resistance, rate of cure, final surface hardness and skid characteristics can be modified to meet local specifications.

  • May cure in less than twenty (20) minutes, in optimal conditions*, to a track free surface.

  • Safe to handle and store.

  • Near zero VOC; and odorless.

  • High temperature, tire scuff resistant to power steering abuse.

  • Easy clean up with water.

  • Cured container residue safe for municipal landfill.


  • Airport Asphalt Runways, Taxiways, Tarmacs/Ramps, Fueling Stations, Aircraft holding areas.

  • Protects asphalt pavement from Fuel/Oil/grime spills from aircraft and other vehicles.
  • Seals asphalt pavement surfaces against sun and moisture damage.

  • Rejuvenate oxidized asphalt parking lots, fueling areas and roofing felts.

  • Seals all concrete surfaces against water absorption into micro-fissures.

  • As an Environmentally Safe Coat Tar Alternative.

Call for an on-site demonstration or a quote. Available in 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes, and bulk transfer.

Download the "Dry Film Submersion Test" to see how common industry sealers stand up to fuel!


* Dry times will differ based on various conditions which include sealer mix design, additives, surface and air temperatures, wind, humidity and sun loads.

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